Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an excellent way to develop a shared vision for a school system. NESDEC's Strategic Planning services are always customized to meet the needs of a school district. Using NESDEC's exclusive Facilitative Group Technique, trained coaches assist in developing consensus around a district's mission and vision. Participants in the Strategic Planning process are guided to new and higher levels of thinking. Ongoing ownership and commitment for the planning efforts are supported through continued participation in NESDEC's Future Directions Follow-up Services.

NESDEC Strategic Planning leads to:

  • a clear mission statement
  • collective vision
  • consensus around goals and objectives
  • a sense of community
  • strategic thinking
  • strategic management
  • identification of areas of:
    • strength
    • weakness
    • opportunity
    • challenge
  • a planning document that lends credibility to school district initiatives
  • a means of demonstrating accountability
  • a vehicle for sustained improvement

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