Special Education Trend Report

In keeping with our mission of helping schools achieve and maintain high performing status, NESDEC offers superintendents of affiliated school districts a special education management tool called the Special Education Trend Report.  Our goal in developing the Special Education Trend Report is to synthesize meaningful information in order to provide clear, useful comparison points for superintendents and educational leaders regarding student placements, personnel allocation and special education costs.  Like our enrollment projection reports, the Special Education Trend Report is offered annually, at no cost, to NESDEC affiliates.

Click here to view a sample Special Education Trend Report

To submit your District’s data:
1. Download and fill out the 2023-24 SPED Trends data form
2. Email it to spedtrends@nesdec.org as an attachment, preferably in Excel format.

Please return your completed data forms to NESDEC by January 16, 2024.

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