Who is eligible to become a NESDEC affiliate?

Full affiliation is open to any public school district in New England with fees based upon student enrollment. All private schools as well as public schools located outside of New England may become associate affiliates for a nominal annual fee.

Affiliation is also available to other non-profit institutions such as schools within colleges or universities, the colleges or universities themselves, or businesses that serve the educational community.

The Initial Year Incentive Program permits school districts to affiliate at one-half the cost of regular affiliation for the first year.

Benefits of NESDEC Affiliation:

  • Free annual ten-year enrollment projections in enhanced electronic format
  • Free annual Special Education Trend Report
  • Free advertising of administrative vacancies on NESDEC's website
  • Free subscription to The Journal for Leadership and Instruction
  • Discounts on:
    • NESDEC's broad range of planning services
    • Attendance at informative regional conferences
    • NESDEC's highly regarded executive search service
    • Governance training for school board members and district leaders
    • Entry and Transition workshops for newly-hired superintendents
    • District-specific on-site professional development activities
    • Legal services, including Title IX audits

List of Current Affiliates

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