COVID-19 and Enrollment Projections:
The Increased Need for Hard Data

Greetings from the NESDEC office! 

NESDEC has been assisting school districts with their planning efforts for almost 75 years. For decades one of NESDEC’s most requested planning tools has been our Annual Enrollment Projection Report.  Each year these enrollment forecasting services are provided to approximately 300 school districts throughout New England. It is important to update the projections every year to identify changes in enrollment patterns as soon as possible. Districts rely upon NESDEC’s enrollment projections for budget preparation, staffing decisions, classroom space allocation, and numerous other planning endeavors.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect our nation’s public health and economic stability in unpredictable ways, school districts more than ever are in need of enrollment data upon which to base decisions concerning staffing, building use, and delivery of education. Just a few examples of questions that educational administrators might have during this unprecedented time include: 

·        Did some families decide to wait an additional year before enrolling their eligible children in Preschool or Kindergarten?

·        Will an increase in remote employment for parents/guardians over the next year or two encourage family migration to school districts with housing that is more desirable or perhaps less expensive?

·        How will enrollment patterns influence and be influenced by reallocation of educational space and/or remote learning to accommodate social distancing?

·        How will enrollment patterns be affected by changes in school funding?

·        How might migration of students to/from private schools affect my District’s public enrollments? 

It is time to update last year’s enrollment projections. Enrollment projections are a free service for our affiliates and are provided in the fall and updated mid-year at no extra cost. This service is valued at $6,250 for non-affiliates. Completed projections will be sent back to districts electronically, in PDF format. These are ready to be printed or used in electronic presentations. 

After you have completed the form, please email to NESDEC ( as an attachment.
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