Would your District benefit from a free "Second Semester/Spring Enrollment Projection Checkup"?

NESDEC has been assisting school districts with their planning efforts for over seventy years. For decades, one of NESDEC’s most popular planning tools has been our annual Enrollment Projection Report. Each year these enrollment forecasting services are requested from NESDEC by about 300 school districts throughout New England. School districts rely upon NESDEC’s enrollment projections for budget preparation, staffing decisions, classroom space allocation and numerous other planning endeavors.

 During this school year, many school districts have undergone substantial enrollment shifts due to various factors (particularly COVID 19). From in/out migration of families (where many families delayed enrollment in Kindergarten), to K-12 families who chose to homeschool or chose private/parochial schools, to changes in regional employment opportunities and more, student enrollment was affected in ways that might not have been anticipated in September or October. NESDEC’s Second Semester/Spring Enrollment Projection Checkup will offer an opportunity for school districts to adjust for the unanticipated changes that might have had an impact on enrollments during the school year. This checkup is available at no cost exclusively to NESDEC-affiliated school districts.

 Send data using the link below:

You are invited to download this EP Second Semester/Spring form and submit it via email to ep@nesdec.org. In return, your school district will receive a Second Semester/Spring Enrollment Projection Checkup. 

On the form please note any new or changing factors that might impact future enrollments (e.g., return of students from homeschooling or private/parochial schools, shifts in residential or employment opportunities, etc.) It should also be noted that NESDEC’s enrollment projections for next year (2021-22) will take into consideration the new information incorporated into the Second Semester/Spring Enrollment Projection Checkup. 

If you have questions, or if you would like to learn more regarding the Second Semester/Spring Enrollment Projection Checkup, please email ep@nesdec.org call the NESDEC office at 508-481-9444. We would be happy to assist you. 


Arthur L. Bettencourt, Ed.D.
Executive Director

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